About Us

My name is Daniel Robertson and I have been married to my beautiful wife Kelli for 4 years. We have two children (a boy and a girl) who are both under the age of 4. Sometimes it can be hectic around here.

We certainly don’t claim to be marriage experts in any way. We simply want to share some of our experiences and insights with you. It is our hope that this can help you to experience the fullness of God’s promises for your marriage and your life.

At God’s Help For Marriage¬†we believe that God’s desire for your marriage is an extension of His mission for the Church. Namely, marriages are designed to foster evangelism and discipleship by partnering with your spouse to grow more Christlike as you face and overcome the challenges of married life, and by reflecting God’s love for both His children and the lost.

We believe that the marriage that ignores the role of evangelism and discipleship can never be wholly functional as it misses out on a part of God’s grand design and purpose for marriage. It is our desire to help you grow in your marriage by encouraging you to live out these and other Biblical principles.

We want you to have a marriage that does more than survive. We want it to thrive.

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